IDE Resurrector Flex Cable For PS2 Slim SPCH700xx


Make your SD Card or SATA HDD/SSD installation in PS2 Slim V12/13 (SCPH700xx) easier !

By purchasing this flex cable we assume you have read the full description below and you know what you are buying 😉.

If you wish to use an iDE to SATA adapter, capacitors are needed and must be placed on the pins indicated on the iDE Resurrector.
if you already have some, no need to order more 😉
See the installation video @33:00 iDE to SATA capacitor install

Holds the top of the PS2 Slim to eliminate the back plate and prevent short circuits…


You want to give a second life to your PS2 SLiM SCPH700xx which has its DVD drive out of order?
You want to install a SD card reader or SATA HDD/SSD (up to 4TB) without having to worry about the wires ?
You want to save time in your SD card or SATA HDD/SSD (up to 4TB) installations in your PS2 SLiM SCPH700xx and make clean installations?

This flexible cable will allow you to do just that!

Compatible with Playsation 2 SLiM series SCPH 700xx :


Also known as version 12 and 13. Consult the visuals on the product sheet to make sure your console is compatible (check pictures with red square and compare with your own motherboard if you have the same circuit on yours), no returns will be accepted.
You can install with it a SD Card Reader, or SATA HDD/SSD (up to 4TB) on your PS2 Slim !

Instructions can be found here: PS2 SLiM SCPH70xxx flex cable resurrector installation guide

Warning: I could not be held responsible for any malfunction of your console, you alone are responsible for its installation.
Flex cables are tested before shipping.

Warning: the installation is much easier compared to a wire installation, but requires an experienced soldering level, if you have already soldered a chip on a PS2 it’s OK for you! .

Warning: This cable is only to simplify the installation, you will need a SD card reader and a micro SD card reader. Everything is of course provided on my SD Card modded consoles (SD reader, SD card, micro SD reader, cable to micro card, activity LED on the front).

Warning: the back plate of your console can not be reinstalled in case of installation of an SD card adapter, the thickness is too important.
You can also use washers with an internal diameter of 2mm, so that the screws don’t go through the motherboard. You can also find M.2 nuts that can be screwed onto the original screws.
You can download here 3D print files for screws and washers.

Tested SD Card reader to IDE available here
Micro SD Card Reader I used