PSX DESR – 7X00/5X00

Modbo/Matrix Infinity installation diagram

Find on this page the installation diagram for PSX DESR for Modbo 3, 4 to 5 and Matrix Infinity.
+ Some pictures of installation have done.

“A” pin is really ambiguous on schematics
it must not be connected to the capacitor, pins A and B surround the capacitor, then 4pins free then GHI

Diagrams are valid for these models, maybe some need adaptation, but the principle remains the same.

DESR-5000 160GB HDD
DESR-7000 250GB HDD
DESR-5100 160GB HDD
DESR-7100 250GB HDD
DESR-5500 160GB HDD
DESR-7500 250GB HDD
DESR-5700 160GB HDD
DESR-7700 250GB HDD

Diagram Credits to Chipwelt @